MySQL 5.6-DBA and Developer-Certification in Beta-Status (low price!)

Recently Todd  blogged about why you should register for MySQL 5.6 certification exams now: and i also think that now is a good opportunity to renew or take a new mysql certification. The most interesting point in my opinion is that you can save a lot of money if you take the exam NOW! The […]

Running out of Disk Space? Move innodb-tables to another partition (with MySQL 5.6)

Recently i had to manage big database installation that was running out of disk space. The partition on which the mysql datadir was located only had a few gigabytes free. Resizing the partition was not possible without a long downtime so that was no option. The installation had only innodb-tables so using symlinks was also […]

phpMyAdmin breaks Replication in MySQL 5.6

Recently i updated to MySQL 5.6 and we were really excited about the very good overall performance. But beside a major bug concerning wrong results when running a SELECT that includes a HAVING based on a function (see we also noticed that from time to time the replication breaks with the following error: Last_SQL_Errno: 1590 […]