MySQL 5.6-DBA-Beta-Exam is challenging

I took the MySQL 5.6-Exam today and it really is not easy. Lets get straight to the facts i remember:

  • I had 130 questions and 180 minutes time
  • I needed 155 minutes but i was a bit exhausted at the end so went a bit quicker through the questions as in the beginning. Normally i am a fast exam taker and only need a third of the time.
  • The option to eliminate obviously wrong answers by CTRL-Rightclick is often really helpful

What you should learn in the following order:

  • Performance Schema
  • Replication Features, especially GTID, and mysqlbinlog-usage
  • Partitioning
  • Optimizing MySQL Queries
  • MySQL Enterprise Backup-Features
  • Anything else (command line options, Windows Cluster, mysqldump, mysqlshow, etc..)

I had 3 or 4 questions where i thought that the answers (or the question) were not correct or no unmistakable but maybe i just didn’t get it :)


3 thoughts on “MySQL 5.6-DBA-Beta-Exam is challenging”

  1. Hi Moritz,

    Congrats on taking the exam!

    In response to your comment on the 3-4 questions where the answers were not correct:

    One of the goals of the beta period is to identify these, and remove them from the pool of questions. I believe a question can be removed for being (a) too easy, (b) too hard or (c) incorrect/misleading.

    There is also a ‘Feedback’ button for each question. I left feedback on a question that did not seem to take into account that GROUP BY implies ordering. I’m hoping it will be improved for when the exam comes out of beta.

  2. I noticed already that 2 of the questions i thought to be wrong were actually correct. For example i didn’t knew that “mysqlbackup” is actually a tool (from MySQL Enterprise Backup, didn’t ever bought that) :)

    I also used the comment-feature a lot :)

  3. Took the exam myself last week and I found out I need to know more about NDB and gtid replication as well as audit. If I have to take again it should be pretty cake after going through that.